Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Play Counter strike online Game

By:Vimalesh Narayan
Play Counter strike online with all that Hype and search demand. Below is some information about the Counter strike online version .....

These are the Three Videos release named as Counter Strike Online Play

Counter Strike online Game Play


Counter Strike online Promo

I know you would say "I've already watched this one specific video"
Actually its the trailer and The Counter Strike Online Making video is as follows:

Counter Strike online in Making

Dont feel disappointed you'll get the first hand info about any new versions and updates on this blog online .So keep watching and keep Playing Counter Strike Online.

Just in case you wanna know more about Counter Strike Online:

There are 8 new weapons available in Counter-Strike Online, in addition to the "classic" weapons featured in the original Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

* XM1014 - 12 gauge, semi-automatic combat shotgun
* USAS-12 - A Terrorist shotgun capable of full-auto fire and feeds from a 20-round drum magazine.
* K1A - A Counter-Terrorist Sub-Machine Gun. This is actually a compact counterpart of the Daewoo K2 assault rifle. Feeds from a 30-round box magazine.
* MP7A1 - A compact sub-machine gun firing armor-piercing ammunition. Feeds from a 20-round box mag.
* FN SCAR - A Counter-Terrorist assault rifle with a mag size of 30 rounds.
* XM8 - A Terrorist assault rifle with a mag size of 30 rounds.
* VSK-94 - A Counter-Terrorist DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) with a mag size of 20 rounds.
* SVD Sniper Rifle - A Terrorist DMR with a mag size of 10 rounds.
* QBB-95 - A Counter-Terrorist Machine gun. MG version of the Chinese QBZ-95 assault rifle. Feeds from a 70-round drum mag.

Some of these rifles also feature a "barrel change" system. When the player carries one of these rifles, it appears that the player is carrying two primary weapons (normally one). When the other configuration is selected, the player is shown that he is changing the barrel, and turn the assault rifle into a semi-automatic DMR and vice versa.

There are 8 new player models available in Counter-Strike Online.

* Terrorists
* Phoenix Connexion
* Elite Crew
* Arctic Avengers
* Guerilla Warfare
* Midwest Militia
* Red Beret Condittiere
* Asia Red Army
* National Liberation Campaign
* Vigilante Corps

* Counter-Terrorists
* SEAL Team 6
* GSG-9
* South Korean 707
* Taiwanese Police special forces(SOZO)
* Chinese Devil Squad(Magui)
* Japaneses SAT

Truth is its justs like Condition Zero but with imporved skins and Play in Counter strike online.

Friday, September 18, 2009

STEAM validation rejected

By:Vimalesh Narayan
steam validation rejected image
STEAM validation rejected Counter-Strike: Condition Zero:Counter Strike Source.

Many Times we happen to encounter this STEAM validation rejected error message which is very annoying so here i am trying to provide the best possible solutions known to me.

steam validation rejected image

Possible Solutions for STEAM validation rejected Counter-Strike: Source: Condition Zero:

1. Something messed up the Steam App ID so change it accordingly.
Change the App ID as the application ID's have changed with the protocol 48 update:

a)Go to the mod folder within your HLDS installation,
b)Create a text file steam_appid.txt.
c)Inside the text file, punch in the number for the new Steam application ID. Just a number. Nothing else.

List of new app ID's

Half-Life Deathmatch and GoldSrc 3rd Party Mods (valve, ns, svencoop, and others): 70
Counter-Strike 1.6 (cstrike): 10
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (czero): 80
Day of Defeat 1.3 (dod): 30
Deathmatch Classic (dmc): 40
Opposing Force Deathmatch (gearbox): 50
Ricochet (ricochet): 60
Team Fortress Classic (tfc): 20

2.IF you are using a patch to correct this error and doesnot own the game legally you must get the Original Game first first and then Update it (Best legal Solution so far for STEAM validation rejected error). and please dont expect to give you some patch to stop the error as it deals with the login validation details.

3.IN Mod folder try changing file name ClientRegistry.Blob to ClientRegistryOld.blob.

4. Have you tried changing the value of " sv_lan 0 " to "sv_lan 1" in console... ? if not try it..  :-)

Hope this should have resolved your problem. Any comments ? Team

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu Sneeze Game Online and Counter Strike Online

By:Vimalesh Narayan

As Swine Flu is becoming more n more ... pandemic type...Its time to Play against it ...

Lets see how you do it..

Hope you Enjoy your Stay .... Visit Other parts of the Site ... To dicover new tips and Trick..! Team


Friday, May 1, 2009

counter strike hacks,downloads,aimbot,cd key,cheats

By:Vimalesh Narayan

Counter Strike hacks,downloads,aimbot,cd key,cheats

HI Guys...

Once again this Guide will give you Latest and Best Counter strike hacks .... in no time..!

So Lets Get Started...!

But before i give you all those important Hacks,Cheats,antic VAC codes, let me tell you my experience.. a very True Experience..!

Today it was a normal day ... like it used to be ... and I opened up my laptop and started playing counter strike but as the day passes by i got fairly angry with my self ... Do you know why ...? Because i was having the lowest score on the score chart....!

So ... to get on top in shortest possible time i started googleing Counters strike latest hacks and Cheats .... Fortunatly i found one.... i was really happy...

Now various thoughts flashed before my

I would knife every One in no time

I would get all the headshots....

People will be amazed by my proness ...

So I just Downloaded the all those programs from here

(Let me tell you one more thing... the PC on which i used to play counter strike contained all my valuable data gathered over several years of hardwork ...)

Now that Hack is being Downloaded ... and i was ready  to frighten ppl on several servers...

I opened the hack file using WinZip and i extracted all the contents on my desktop..

and found some winzix file which is to opened using special software... so i feel thats not a problem ... and i Moved ahead and Opened the webpage on which that winzix software was located..

The Moment i I opened that webpage ....


Hackers are Lame creatures

Thank to NOD32 ... it saved me from such a grave mis happening..

I realised just to make ppl on server Amazed or try to piss them off... we download such sad hacks and every time we execute them

  • We risk our Valuable data .... 
  • We risk our Credibilty...
  • We expose our PC to outside bad world ... crackers,hackers,Trojans,virus,hidden malware...
  • We get black listed in Internet Crime Control Authorities ... and they own all sorts of rights to sue you at any time ... They start tracking your Computer too..!

and Then We complain that ...

  • PC is running too slow ...
  • Game is Laggin...

So Hackers get a life and Dont be an animal ... 

Q:You may ask ... then why do they release such hacks and cheats...?

Ans: For the simple reason that they want your computer to be included in their BOT NET list

BOT NET is nothing but the network of computers which can be controlled by hackers and Other bad  guys ... so that if federal agencies are to caught them ... they will catch you and blame you for all the losses that are being made from your PC to others System...and so on...!

Q: I've downloaded the hack ... what should i do now ..?

Ans: You would notice that most of the hacks are in .exe file .... and those .exe file is definate to have viruses and trojans trapped inside ... everytime you run them you invite hackers to gain more easy access to your PC and valuable documents...and pictures... which they may use against you as well..!

If it not .exe file than it is abousolutely something which you have absolutrly no idea about it...So better delete the file straight away ... and dont look back..!

I Hope this should have Opened your Eyes... Wide..!

But just in case if you are still not convinced ...

Download this latest Hack,Cheat for Counter Strike

and Get your PC infected with all sorts of Viruses,Trojans,Malwares, ...

Keep trying till your Computer becomes a BOT for the bad world..!

You have to be really noob if you still dont understand the point ....dontsearching

Remember EveryTime You Hack... You are Ligible to be called as Criminal


Stop hacking ... Start playing...!

An Initiative by Team

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to Edit Counter Strike Video/Movie/Clip using Sony Vegas

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to Edit Counter Strike Video/Movie/Clip using Sony Vegas

Tags: Counter Strike 1.6, Videos,Clips,Movies,CS 1.6,Sony Vegas, Sony ,Vegas, Fraps,cs

Hi Guys.... Today we are going to see how we can edit out premade counter strike video which you may have captured by various methods.... and to Give Special effects like in professional videos you see....

I wont write the whole procedure here but provide a video ... which you can surely download for later use..!

Note: You maynot use Sony Vegas as capturing software for your Counter Strike Movies but it is a tool to edit and put special effects in the premade video itself...


  • You have already made your Counter Strike 1.6 Video / Clip /Demo
  • You have good working Computer wit Windows Xp or Vista...

The Sony Vegas Basic Video

Download this Video (Right Click & Select Save Target As)

Dont forget to read the link below... Consider it as PART 1

How To record CounterStrike Video in Easiest possible way..!

any comments ? Team


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Learn How to make Multiple Counter Strike (CS1.6) Servers (more than one server) ?

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to make more than one server in cs 1.6.?

Many Cs 1.6 geeks asked me how to host more than one CS1.6 Server on same PC... ?

This is how you should do it


  • You have little fast computer (now a days , people normally do have sufficciant configuration to run multiple server running).
  • You are using Windows XP or Windows 2000 (9x and NT not recommended)


  • Go to    to calculate how many players you can handle at most (so You must know your Upload speed .... to find out go to
  • Now divide the players in such a way that when all of them added should give you the total player capacity of your server. (we calculated in step 1)
  • For eg. If you have total of 24  player capacity then you can have several servers running with different configuration like 
  • a) two Servers of 12 players capacity each so that 12+12 =24
  • b)one 4players capacity , Second 12 player capacity, third 8 player capacity .. so that 4+12+8 = 24 Players in total.   ....... I Hope you get the idea..!
  • Make sure you have made all the settings correct for each server running... else read this!                                   e.g sv_maxrate , sv_maxupdaterate
  • Now launch you servers one after another (Use console mode for each not GUI) and make required changes for each by manually changing their sv_maxrate,sv_maxupdaterate using this Server Rate Chart .
  • Most Importtant: Donot Forget to change port for every server you create i.e. for 4 servers created should have 4 different ports assingned. Please have a look at images below. you can also download them
  • Image Multiserver (Full Size)
  • Image Portchange (Full Size)

Multi Server

Different Port Set for each Server


  • Never Play on same PC on which you are hosting your servers...... 

Thanks  ! ..... So have i missed something ?  anything else you wanna share ? Team


Counter Strike (Cs 1.6 ) Server Rate Chart and Calculator..!

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to Find Best Counter Strike (CS 1.6) Server Rates .. ?

Note: You wont find this type of Chart anywhere else so .... please recommend this site to your friends too ...

For All you Server Operators Out there ... I have prepared this Server Rate Chart... For you only.. so that your server should operate @ minimum lag and minimum response time !

These are the most important Settings that you must configure properly for your server:


2. sv_minrate

3. sv_maxupdaterate

4. maxplayers

5. sv_voicecodec voice_speex

6. sv_voiceenable 0

7. sv_voicequality 2

Please not i have done "sv_voiceenable 0" coz just incase if u enable it (sv_voiceenable 1) then the  quality wont cause much of lag and loss...!

Q:How to Use This Chart?

Ans:Simple ! Just go to and check your Upload Speed (Download speed is not so important) and Match it with the Nearest Possible value mentioned in the chart This way you will get the most optimum values for:




sv_minrate 0  (it is will remain zero in all cases)

then just put these values in your server.cfg file

Note: If you want the Best values Please use this Dynamic Server Rate Calculator ... !

also Note the Chart is for Windows servers Only ... not for Linux based.

Formulae Used in Makin Chart:

For Windows:

sv_minrate = 0 (always)

sv_maxupdaterate = sv_maxrate/300

sv_maxrate  =125 x uploadspeed / number_of_players_you_want

When sv_maxrate is constant:

1.sv_maxrate 8000

bandwidth in Kbps / 64 = recommended number of slots

2.sv_maxrate 6000

bandwidth in Kbps / 48 = recommended number of slots

3.sv_maxrate 4000

bandwidth in Kbps / 32 = recommended number of slots

4.sv_maxrate 3000

bandwidth in Kbps / 24 = recommended number of slots

For Linux:

sv_maxupdaterate = sv_maxrate/200

In Look Up Chart


1.sv_maxrate = Maximum Rate of Server

2. sv_minrate = Minimum rate of Server (it should always be Zero)

3. sv_maxupdaterate = How many frames per sec you are allowing for you clients to get.

4.Max players = maximum number of players you wish to allow.

5. Play Quality = how smooth your play  will be for you and players on your Server (Clients)

























































Counter Strike Server Rate Calculator Look Up Chart
Upload SpeedMax Playerssv_maxratesv_maxupdateratePlayQuality
170026800026Excellent Team


Monday, April 20, 2009

Learn How to make Counter Strike ( CS ) 1.6 Map .... !

By:Vimalesh Narayan

Note: This tutorial is an original work of  and All the credits belongs to him only  also the article is mentioned on this site to make people more aware of the process of making CS 1.6 maps without of a much difficulty..! No modifications are being made in the article.

Courtsey: All credits to for making this wonderful tutorial ..!

How to make Counter Strike (CS ) 1.6 Map .... ?

Get Learned!TUTORIAL
"I want to make CS maps but don't know where to start!"

I hear this all the time. And instead of kicking people in the face and throwing them in the gutter for trying to talk to me, I thought I'd change my ways and write this little helpy page. Note: this is for people who have ABSOLUTELY no clue about making maps for HL or HL mods. So, if that is you, and you need to be told what to do, read on, little doggy! 

This guide is NOT for CS:Source or HL2 etc. 

If you have less time watch the video

This guide IS for original Counter-Strike (v1.6 or older). However, it is a good starting point to learn to map for similar games.

Step 1 - Get the DopeINSTALL
You can't make something out of nothing, so grab yourself a shiny new copy of the "Valve Hammer Editor" and also get the "ZHLT Compilers". These are absolutely required to make maps for HL games. 

Direct link to Hammer Editor (v3.4)
Direct link to ZHLT Compilers (v2.53r17)

The Valve Hammer Editor, henceforth referred to as "Teh Hammre" is what you will use to physically build your map. With it you decide the placement of walls, textures, player starts etc.. ZHLT converts, or compiles your map so that Half-Life can load and play it.

Install Teh Hammre and start the program. Click NO when it asks you something upon starting up. You should look at the help guide later but for now it has too much information all at once. Then you should see something similar to this:


It's time to configure!

Get Learned! Step 2 - Plug It InCONFIGURE

Many new users of Teh Hammre are so scared by the configuring process that they run away, never to come back. There's a TON of stuff to set up! The trick is that you can ignore most of it, so here's all you need to do: 

1) Click the Game Configurations tab
2) Click the Edit button
3) Click the Add button in the dialog that pops up
4) Type "cstrike" in the textbox
5) Click the OK button
6) Click Close
7) Now click the Add button on the big Configure window
8) Add the file called "halflife-cs.fgd" ..Locationof fgd file?...  or
Download halflife-cs.fgd here...Google will get directories anyne and download .fgd file ....Else  get this 
9) Click the Textures tab
10) Click the Add WAD button
11) Add the file called "cstrike.wad" Location of wad file? or  
Download cstrike .wad FILE
12) All done -- click OK to close the big Configure window

You can get back to the Configure window by selecting Tools->Options from the menu bar. You should go there and look around once you are familiar with map design.

If you completed everything on this page, you're now ready to start building!

Get Learned! Step 3 - Buildin' BlocksBRUSHES
You should have Teh Hammre open, so now select File->New from the menu bar. You should now see 4 big black rectangles, or viewports, labelled camera, top, front and side. To the right, you should see a panel that looks like this:

Office Map

That panel shows what texture is currently selected. A texture is a picture that is plastered onto a wall, floor, ceiling, or surface in a 3d game. You've probably seen them before. You can choose a new texture by clicking the Browse button. It will display a list of all the textures you have loaded right now. (Remember opening the file 'cstrike.wad'? That's where these textures came from.) 

Once you have selected a texture that makes your heart filled with gladness, click the button on the left that looks like this:

Office Map

This is the brush creation tool. A brush is a 3d chunk of space defined by a few surfaces. For example, a cube is defined by 6 surfaces or planes. Move your mouse pointer over the viewport labelled 'top'. It should look like a plus with a fuzzy rectangle. Now click and drag on the grid in the top viewport to draw a rectangle. When you let go of the drag, the rectangle should turn white and 8 little white handles should appear around it. You can use the handles to resize your rectangle.

KEY POINT: Look at the other viewpoints. Your rectangle is actually a 3d box! Isn't that rad? What you need to get used to is looking at a 3d object from different 2d views. If you can master that, you'll be able to create just about anything you like!

Now notice that you can resize your box in all 3 viewports. This may not seem important now, but when you are building a complex shape later, this is super-duper useful. Also try clicking inside your box and dragging it. This is how you move it around. 

Now hit Enter on your keyboard. Your box should have turned blue or green, meaning it actually exists now. Before it was just a plan. You can click on your box, or brush, like I said earlier, and it will turn red. In Hammer, when something is red, that means it is selected. You can resize and move selected brushes just like you did before. 

Now glue on your wings because it's time to get to the next page, Sally!

Get Learned! Step 4 - Learn to FlyCAMERAS

See that big juicy red button that looks like this?

camera button

That's the camera button, and we're going to use it to look at stuff! So click it and enter camera mode. In camera mode you can't move brushes around, you can only look around. So, hold shift and click and drag in the top viewport from A to B as shown:

Office Map

That's how you create a new camera. The blue circle is the eye and the red line is the direction of sight. By clicking on either end you can move them around. To delete a camera, just press Delete on your keyboard while it is selected (red). 

If you created your camera correctly, you should see a 3d box in the upper left viewport like this:

Office Map

If you don't see it, look in your top, front and side viewports to make sure that the line of sight is pointing from the eye to your brush. If you STILL can't see it, make sure your camera isn't too close to your brush. Don't read further until you can see your brush in 3d! 

If you can see your brush in 3d, left click and hold in the 3d viewport and move the mouse around A LITTLE BIT. This is how you turn the camera view, or look around. 

Now RIGHT click and hold in the 3d view and move the mouse A LITTLE BIT. This is how you move the camera in it's plane of vision -- any direction but forward. Get used to this and then continue reading. 

Ok, now here's where it gets wild, LEFT AND RIGHT click at the SAME TIME and hold in the 3d view and move the mouse. This is how you move forward. 

These controls may seem odd but once you get used to them you'll be able to fly around your map with the greatest of ease. The reason why I told you to move the mouse A LITTLE BIT is because if you move too much you can get lost in the scary blackness. If this happens to you, just create a new camera in the top viewport that is pointing at something to look at. 

Now that you can fly, let's build a room...

Get Learned! Step 5 - PlumbingLEAK PROTECTION

Before I explain what a leak is, why don't you click where it says camera in the 3d view and select 3D textured: 

Office Map

You should now see that your brush is wall-papered with that texture you picked earlier. You can click any of the viewport labels to change what each view is, but don't worry about that now. Back to the main subject, here's the most important point of all this:

Your job as a mapper is to build a 3d container that holds water (or beer). 

Stunned? Let me explain. Think of brushes as solid blocks of wood you can glue together and build stuff with in real life. Now whatever you build, we're going to magically fill it with precious, precious beer. Then we're going to turn it upside down and shake it around A LOT. If any of the beer comes out, you have a leak. LEAKS ARE BAD. The biggest problem beginners have is leaks. 

Take a look at this box, maybe it's going to be a room in a Counter-Strike map: 

Office Map

It's got an open top, and that's not good. You know why? The beer! We're going to lose the beer! All we need to do is slide a brush on top to seal up the room:

Office Map

Only in picture 3 is the beer going to be safe. No matter what shape map you make it has to be all sealed up with NO leaks. Example: 

Office Map

Check it out! This complicated system of rooms and hallways is just a bunch of brushes sitting in the right places. I made it by positioning each one where you see it: 

Office Map

Now I want you to just build a single squarish room. So first, click on this button:

Office Map

That's the selection tool -- it's what you were using after you created your brush, when you moved it and stretched it. Now click on your brush to select it (in 3d or 2d view). It should turn red. Use the white handles in the 2d views to make it square and flat. It's going to be your floor. 

It might be helpful to know that you can use the + and - keys on the FAR RIGHT EDGE of your keyboard to zoom in and out in the 2d views. Just put your mouse pointer over a 2d viewport and press keypad + or -. 

Remember how you could move your brush by clicking on it (not the handles) and dragging it around? Try this: hold shift, click on your brush and move it to a different spot, then let go. You have to be holding shift when you let go on the mouse. If you do it right, you will have made a copy of your brush. Take this copy, and using the white handles, resize and move it to make a wall like this:

Office Map

Once you have done that, keep copying the wall to make the 3 other walls. Then copy the floor, and make a ceiling out of it. Be careful that you don't just move the originals! You need to COPY them -- it's easy to mess up. 

When you're done, you should have something similar to the closed beer-box above. Try to move your camera into your room and look around. Then get ready for Step 6!

Get Learned! Step 6 - SprinklesENTITIES

Before we sprinkle some entities onto your map, let me show you one more thing about textures. Click the Browse button in the upper right by the little picture of the texture you picked earlier. Select a different looking texture. Then (in selection mode, not camera mode), click on your floor brush. Once it's turned red, click this button:

Office Map

As you hopefully noticed, this button applies the current texture to the selected brush(es). By the way, you can select more than one brush by holding Ctrl while clicking on brushes. Also, if you click in a 2d view, but not on a brush, and drag, you can make a selection box. When you hit enter, any brushes inside the box will turn red (selected). You should try this out a bit. 

Back to business: we need to create a start point or two. Preferably one for CT and one for T. This is going to be pretty easy so just click the ugly light bulb of justice:

Office Map

This is the entity creation tool. Now, if you look to the right, you should see a panel like this:

Office Map

In the listbox titled Objects, or where it says 'ambient_generic' in the picture, choose 'info_player_start'. info_player_start is the CT start point entity. An entity is an object you can place in your map that has some special meaning to the game. Wherever you place info_player_start's is where each CT will start at the beginning of a round of Counter-Strike. 

Now move your mouse pointer over the top 2d viewport. Your pointer should look like a creepy plus with an axe. Click inside your room and this will make a little green square with lines sticking out of it -- a locator. Make sure the locator is inside your room in ALL THREE 2D VIEWS. Then hit Enter on your keyboard. Now you should have a tall green box -- about the size of a Counter-Terrorist. As long as it is completely inside the room, you are ok. You can move it around with the selection tool (red arrow). Make sure it is not touching the floor or walls or ceiling because then the player will be stuck! It's ok if it's floating in the air. It's not ok if it's outside the room in invalid space because that is another way to get a LEAK error. 

Now create another entity, but this time make an info_player_deathmatch. This is the Terrorist start point entity. In a real map you'd want 16 or so of each kind, but for this map 1 each is ok. 

Now for the last addition to your map: a light source. It's another entity so choose 'light' from the Objects listbox. Put this inside your room as well, maybe near the ceiling. A light entity is just an invisible dot that radiates a little sunshine. You won't see a light fixture or anything inside the game -- you'd have to build that out of brushes. 

Your light should look like a little pink box, and you know what we do to little pink boxes, right? We click on them! And they turn red! Once you have done this, press Alt-Enter. Alt-Enter is keyboard speak for "show me the properties!" This works all over the place, not just Hammer. Try clicking on a file in windows and pressing Alt-Enter. 

Anyway, you should see this now:
Office Map

Notice the list of attributes. All entities have some attributes and some entities have lots. Click on Brightness. The value should be 255 255 128 200. The first three numbers are the color (yellow in this case) and the fourth number is the brightness. Leave the brightness alone but use the Pick color button to pick some god-awful color for your light to shine. When your're done, close the Object Properties window and save your map with File->Save. 

I don't care where you save your map but don't close Hammer, just minimize it. (Don't use spaces in your map name.) Then continue:

Get Learned! Step 7 - Finish LineCOMPILE & PLAY

In Step 1 I told you to download the ZHLT Windows executables. That file should be a ZIP file so go ahead and extract all the files in it to a new folder on your hard drive. A good place for this is:


Open that folder so you are looking at the contents:
Office Map

If you do not see file extensions on your files, like the '.exe', '.txt' above, then click here it's very important!

As shown in the picture, create a new text document by right clicking in the white-space and then using the pop-up menu. Name the file 'mapname.bat' where mapname is what you decided to call your map. 

Go back into Hammer and click File->Export to .MAP. Save you map as '' in the folder where you just created 'mapname.bat'. Then close Hammer and go back to the folder where 'mapname.bat' is. 

Now right click on 'mapname.bat' and choose Edit. This should cause Notepad to open with nothing in it. Type the following stuff into the document exactly as shown, replacing 'mapname' with whatever name you are actually using:

Without Steam
@echo off
hlcsg -nowadtextures mapname
hlbsp mapname
hlvis mapname
hlrad mapname
copy mapname.bsp "C:\half-life\cstrike\maps"
cd C:\half-life
hl -dev -console -game cstrike +sv_cheats 1 +map mapname

"C:\half-life" may not be the correct location of Half-Life on your computer. Make sure you type the correct location on both the lines where it says that. 

With Steam
@echo off
hlcsg -nowadtextures mapname
hlbsp mapname
hlvis mapname
hlrad mapname
copy mapname.bsp "C:\Steam\SteamApps\EMAIL\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map mapname

"C:\Steam" may not be the correct location of Steam on your computer. Make sure you type the correct location on both the lines where it says that. Also replace "EMAIL" with your account name. And if you do not have a "maps" folder, create one. 

When you're sure you have it right, save the file and close Notepad. Then double click on the file 'mapname.bat' to run it. Lot's of confusing stuff will show up in a command window as ZHLT compiles your map. When it is done you will see (at the bottom): 

Press any key to continue . . . 

Now do NOT press a key! First make sure nothing went wrong. Look in the folder where 'mapname.bat' is and if you see a new file called 'mapname.err' then your map FAILED to compile. If it failed, click here. Otherwise you can continue. 

Go back to the command window and press any key. Counter-Strike will start and load your map in singleplayer mode. You will be able to use cheats like noclip and god and impulse 101 for testing. Try them! (You won't have a gun or anything until you type impulse 101 in the console.) 

That's it! You've made your first map. Ain't you one special duckling! 

Read the Appendix for guidance on where to go next!

Tons of tutorials and useful information can be found by googling these sites: 

The Valve ERC
The VERC Collective

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Read the Help inside Hammer! It's surprisingly helpful. Don't forget to use the Index and Search tabs. 

Using search engines like Google and Yahoo is a good idea, too, especially if you know basically what you are looking for. If you want to know how to make a sky in your map, try searching for "worldcraft half-life sky" (remember that Hammer is aka Worldcraft). 

Finally, here is a list of miscellaneous things I think you should know. 
Remember to save your map as a .map file in your compile folder before compiling each time. 
Periodically save backups of your map in case you mess it up. You'll be glad you did. 
In Hammer, press the [ and ] keys to change the fineness of the 2d grid. Use a big grid size to make walls and floors etc.. Use a fine grid to make detailed objects. 
ALWAYS USE THE BIGGEST REASONABLE GRID SIZE for what you are building. This has many advantages: 
Less likely to get leaks. 
Map stays clean and easy to edit. 
Faster compile times. 
Don't use flashing lights much ever. They are very annoying even if you think they're cool when you first try them. 
Lights in the real world are almost always white/offwhite/a little yellowy. Use colored lights carefully and only where they make sense. Newbies use too many colored lights. 
Sunlight is ALWAYS white. Solid bright white light. The only exception is when sunlight enters the atmosphere at such a low angle that there is some slight pink or orange distortion. 
Moonlight is NOT blue. Ever. It is low intensity white light. 
Learn about the ZHLT compilers. They have lots of sweet options. 
And learn to use texture lights instead of light entities! 

Thanks for playing and good luck! 

Update! Learn how to make ladders and more here!

Note: The article is published for CS 1.6 Geeks interest and  If You have any Problem with this publication , let me know and i will remove it on priority basis.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Secrets of Perfect Counter Strike Server in 16 Steps

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to Creater Secrets of Perfect Counter Strike Server in 16 Steps .?

Hi Guys ...!

Today i trying my heart out to make you learn the same way i made my lagless server ...!

Guess what .... It is Absolutly possible and easy to make 20  People server under 512Kbps (kilo bits per second) without any noticible lag ..!

Looks.. interesting ... Read on...!

16 Steps to perfect Counter Strike Server:

Get ready with Pen and paper to jot down important values.

  1. Power on your computer and close /kill all un-necessary processes in task manager.
  2. Open your favorite browser and Go to to check your Upload speed (Download speed doesnt matter much here). Note down the Upload speed value in the piece of paper.
  3. Now install the CS 1.6  Server to root of any partition you like (e.g D:\HLDS)  .... .........(Teach me this Step 4)
  4. Install AMX MODX in the same directory   .... (Teach me this Step)
  5. Install only Necessary AMX MODX plugins in the server  ... (Teach me this step)
  6. Create a RAM DISK of atleast 600 MB  .... (Teach me this step)
  7. Copy server folder (e.g. HLDS) to root of RAMDISK  (e.g E:\HLDS)
  8. Swap drive letters RAMDISK (E:) and Original Server drive letter (i.e. D:) such that Now RAMDISK has D: drive letter and Original Server drive letter is E:   ...(Teach Me this Step)
  9. Click here and Calculate important Server Settings ... Note Down in that piece of paper.
  10. Paste those setting in server.cfg file ( server.cfg file located in D:\HLDS\cstrike\   folder)
  11. Save RAMDISK  image  (i dont mean any picture here) ... so that it can used as backup.
  12. Now Go to CS Server folder and Launch the hlds.exe in console mode ... so just Go to cstrike folder and right click oh hlds.exe and select Send to desktop to create Shortcut icon on Desktop, On Desktop right click on "Shortcut to hlds" and select properties and In Target enter " D:\HLDS\hlds.exe -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 16 +port 27015 +sys_ticrate 250 +heapsize 262144 +map de_dust2 +mp_timelimit 0 +fps_max 100 +sv_unlag 1 +sv_maxunlag 0 +mp_freezetime 2 +clientport 27055 -insecure "
  13. Copy the  Shortcut to HLDS  icon from desktop to D:\HLDS folder to make backup of it..!
  14. Make sure you have applied all the Server Optimisation Tips and Tricks Descripbed in this site.
  15. Start your Server (hlds.exe) using Short to hlds icon created in step 13.

So Howz you r server running noW ?

Any thing else you wanna know ..? Team


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spray/Logo/Tag Creation Tutorial for Counter Strike 1.6 2009

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to Create Custom Spray Logos for Counter Strike 1.6

This is pretty simple to do ....


  • Download the Hltagconverter Here
  • Run it and load any image you want to make spray logo for.
  • Click on adjust image button (choose the sizes available , multiple of 16) and the press button "Convert into 256 colors"
  • Click on Save  button

  • Select export to WAD , button and give any name to file and locate where you want to save the file.
  • Remember where you 've saved the file
  • Click Close button
  • move that .WAD file so created into your server/cstrike/ Directory.  

Still finding it Difficult ........

Then watch this HLtagconverter Video team


Download Maps Faster sv_downloadurl Trick Counter Strike 1.6 Source CZ

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to make your Counter Strike Clients (Players) to

Download maps and sounds blazingly fast

Now that you have your Server installed but you notice that new maps are getting downloaded at slow speed  fot your clients (i.e. server players)

So here is the Trick to make maps and other media Download super fast than you ever wanted..!


  • You are the Server
  • You know execution of commands in command window


  • Run your server (hlds.exe) and in command window type sv_downloadurl  and hit return (enter key on keyboard)
  • note down the default value sv_downloadurl as backup .... just incase if something goes wrong ..!
  • Now below is the list of urls which you can use it for sv_downloadurl command.


Note : You DONOT have to use all but select only one from this list

( Tip: select the one which opens faster for you )











If you find any of these links not working then let me know i will update as soon as possible..!

  • Now go to command window and put


  • again to confirm type in command window of server sv_downloadurl , it should show the value  as  ""

The sv_downloadurl screen

****IF  U WANT ADD OTHER MAPS and Media Follow the steps below****

If you Dont find anyof above urls reliable or wanted to add other maps to cstrike/map folder than you have make an aacount in some free file storing serice on net

The best service so far i have found is  , so just register an account there and upload your whole cstrike folder there ...


When u add custom sounds,maps & skins, players have to download it before connecting to your server.The HLDS ( Half-Life Dedicated server ) is designed not to transfer files more than 8kB/s.Hence it takes lot of time for players to download.
As a result you will lose players.using this sv_downloadurl , clients will download all files at their maximum download speed possible not a 8kB/s


1) First of all, you need a webhosting. All free webhosting will not work and are difficult to find but worth experimenting .
2) When you make a account at webhosting,you will get a sub-domain like, where 1234 is your username & is that webhosting provider.
3) Make a folder 'cstrike' on webhosting using webFTP or with Filezilla and make sub-folders maps,sound,models too
  So URL of your folders will be this
4) Put your custom things in appropriate folders on webhosting  
5) Now open your cstrike\server.cfg of your server
  add these lines and remove if they already exist
  sv_allowdownload 1
  sv_allowupload 1
  sv_downloadurl ""
  Change sv_downloadurl value to your webhosting's URL and dont forget that /cstrike/ at the end. Restart server & enjoy  ! Team


AMX MODX Plugins Installation How To ? A General way !

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to Install AMX MODX Plugins ..

A  General Way !

Here I am discussing you the very general way of

installing any AMX MODX plugin !

in your  counter strike Directory


  • You have already installed AMX MODX 
  • You are the Server

AMX MODX Plugin Installation Procedure :

1) Download the plugin (.zip or .rar file) you want to Install.Open it using Winrar or Winzip .When opened it should contain .amxx files and .sma files .

2) Paste all the .amxx  files in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins/folder of your server and Similarly Paste all the .sma  files in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/scripting/ folder of your server
3) Copy the plugin name (with .amxx extention too,e.g.  rm.amxx) & paste the plugin name in the end of plugins.ini file (located in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/config/   folder)
4) Some plugins also come with a .txt file with same name as your plugins,paste it at
  cstrike/addons/amxmodx/data/lang/ folder
5) You may have to set additional commands, check plugin's readme file for more info.

I Hope this should solve your plugin installtion problem...!

Thanks Team


sXe Injected 7.7, 7.6, 7.5, 7.4 version 2009 How to install it !

By:Vimalesh Narayan

Install sXe Injected 7.7, 7.6, 7.5, 7.4 Counter Strike Anti-cheat System

 The procedure explained below will make you able to play on sXe injected Server...

sXe Injected For Clients

Download the Client Version

sXe injected on Server

Download sXe injected for Server

The Original download Page is here

Procedure for Clients:

  • Download the sXe inJected latest version HERE
  • Install it like any Other normal .exe file
  • or Follow the pictures (in order from top to bottom) shown below







Now that you have installed it correctly 

Here is How to use sXe Anti Cheat System 2009 in Counter Strike

Close or Kill any counter strike or server that may be running (in tak manager kill hl.exe or hlds.exe , if found)

Launch seX injected and Click on update button

now you may launch your Counter Strike it will automatically trigger the hl.exe

For your convenience below is the image in order of their execution..


I Hope it will be clear for you ....

Let me know if you need more...!


All those PPL who are experiencing problem in installation or execution of sXe injected (any version) ... I will only be able to correct them after 22 May 2009... As i am busy with my projects... So Please have some patience till i post the same article in detailed format..!

Also dont forget to leave your email address so that the solution will reach stright into your inbox.

Thanks for Understanding..


Counter Strike Server Remote Administration

By:Vimalesh Narayan

Counter Strike Server Remote Administration

Yes you can have a greater Control of your 

  • Counter Strike 1.6 Server
  • Counter Strike Source
  • Counter Strike Condition Zero
  • and list goes on....

How ?

Ever wondered how you can admin. your server without going in-game
You can,change each and every setting,kick/ban any player
chat to any player personally,disable some/all AMX plugins and much more
Sounds good ? Read it on

Download HLSW ( Half-Life Server Watch )
Here you Go

What is HLSW?
HLSW is a powerful gaming and administration (rcon), remote control tool, useful for ambitious gamers and also for professional server administrators. From easy connecting to game servers to live reporting of a match into an Internet Relay Chat, everything is possible with HLSW. Because HLSW was made by gamers for gamers, the main focus was to develop an ergonomic design.
With its modular structure and the design of sections it gives you all the necessary information on every part of your game server with a single click. Just toggle the rcon section and you are able to administrate your server in a comfortable way within seconds.
But HLSW supports even more: Let your friends know where are you playing and show server data in messenger applications like ICQ and IRC, so they know where you are playing.
HLSW supports about 40 games overall with all their mods, and every update covers the newest games and changes. 

Install it. When it says to login click Offline.
It will launch, click on administrate tab 

It will look like the image below



Now your hlsw is ready to use, feel free to modify settings,take look at tabs at bottom.
It has too many options which cannot be explained in any guide.
Try yourself you will find it pretty easy rather than going in-game & typing commands
You can also view chats of players, open 'Chat' Tab at bottom and Click "Get Log (Internet)


Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Install Counter Strike Server on Linux ! (Non Steam)

By:Vimalesh Narayan

This guide will explain you how to run Counter strike server on linux

Linux can reduce lag,handle high rates & pingboost the server.
I assume you have some knowledge of linux & have uncompress installed
Open console
Type following

mkdir HLDS



chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin


After we launch hldsupdatetool.bin ,it will ask to agree with terms & conditions,just type YES & press ENTER

then type this

chmod +x steam

./steam -command update -game cstrike -dir .

Counter strike server is being installed

It will take sometime depending on your connection as it has to download ~300mb

When is server should launch it with these parameters

Starts server in console mode

Automatically update the server when Steam updates are released

The HLDS mod you want to run

Amount of players to allow

The map to start the server with

Port on which server will run. Default is 27015

Type this in console to run server in background

./hlds_run -game cstrike -autoupdate +maxplayers 20 +map de_aztec > /dev/null 2>&1 &

You can change the appropriate parameter like players & map

"> /dev/null is" at the end will send no output
"&" at the will run server in background

NOTE: To boost server performance,you can pingboost server. Add -pingboost 1 or 2 or 3 in command line.

3 will consume more CPU


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Make/Record Counter Strike Movie. ...2009

By:Vimalesh Narayan

How to Make/Record Counter Strike Video/Movie. ...2009

This tutorial will tell you how to make a counter strike movie / video

First of all let me tell you that we are not going to use fraps.
All videos made by fraps are encoded with fraps codec which is not open source.
hence you cannot put them on web

So here we goRequirements:
A PC that can give 100fps constant at a resolution on which u want to make ur cs movie

Download These softwares:
1)KL Mega Codec pack  

Install them ( Virtual dub doesnt need to be installed ,just extract & keep in some folder).


1) You must know how to record demo's of counter strike.If you dont know goto End of this post & see Demo Recording section.
2) Play the demo by typing "viewdemo demoname" in console
3) Watch demo, from where you want to record your movie.
4) Type this in console "startmovie demo 90"
5) Game will go really slow as it is capturing all bmp ( dont minimize game)
6) when you want to stop recording type endmovie in console
7) Now you need to start Virtualdubmod.
8) Click on File>Open Video File
9) Browse to cstrike folder of your cs installation
10) you will see many .bmp's in that folder, that are the pictures of what we recorded
11) we will join those bmp's to make a video
12) select the first .bmp & click Open
13) Open Video menu & click Fast Recompress
14) Again Video menu & select compression
15) Select Uncompressed RGB on left side & click OK
16) Open video menu & select Frame rate.
17) Under Source Rate adjustment, select 'Change to' and type 90 there.
18) Then File>Save As , then save it with any name
19) The size of this avi file will be extremely large as it is uncompressed.
20) Now you have 1 clip of your movie, record as much as u want, but delete all bmp's from cstrike folder
  Before you make another clip
21) After you have several clips, Edit them in Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects or any other video editing software u want.
22) Then Select File>Render As.
23) Under Save as type, select "Video for Windows (*.avi) , then click custom on right side
24) A new window will open,select Default Template ( UNCOMPRESSED) on top menu & Select Best in "Video Rendering Quality"
25) Click ok,and then click Save
26) Now our movie is ready but it still has huge size,isnt it ?
27) Now we will compress it with Xvid Codec.
28) Run VirualDubmod,File>Open video File. Open the file we just saved from sony vegas
29) Repeat steps 13 to 17 but this time,on compression window, select "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec"
30) Click Configure on right side, a new window will open, Click on Load Defaults.
31) Now click on 'Target Quantizer' so it will change to 'Target Bitrate'.
32) There is box in front of it, Type 4000 in it .... Click OK...Click ok Again & do step 18

OUR MOVIE IS READY NOW .........Watch the CS 1.6 Movie / Video...!

Dont Forget to Comment... Team


Static IP for your Counter Strike 2009 Server

By:Vimalesh Narayan

Static IP (Hostname) for your Counter Strike 2009 Server

Tired of giving IP to your friends all the time.If yes there is a thing that can be done

If u ask static IP from your ISP,it will costyou

but the trick explained here gives you free hostname (subdoamin name) is free

and it is easy to remember it than static IP.

What are we trying to do .. ?

We are trying you to make your server's ip into domain name.


  • can be any ip (taken here as an example)
  • is hostname (this is sub domain name....What is Domain name?)

you must have seen server's to which you can connect throught a hostname like

We can use any free sub domain ip service like


1) Go to

2) Make an account there & login using that.

3) After you have logged in go to this link

4) Type the hostname you want & then select domain from drop-down menu
5) Tick on "Create Wildcard alias.."
6) Select Service type as "Host with IP address"
7) In IP Address dont type thing but click on "Use auto detected...."
8) Your current IP will be filled automatically.
9) Then click Create Host
10) It will show you bill but dont worry :P , that is $0 so its free & safe, CLICK NEXT
11) Then Click Activate Services and your hostname is ready to use
12) Now you have to download a software which will update that hostname to your IP each time your IP changes
13) If you use windows go here
14) Download it and install, Just keep on clicking next, when it ask whether to install it 
  as Service, tick mark "Install the Dyndns...."
15) After installing it will launch and ask your username/password
16) Type the username\password & click OK
17) You will see your hostname in that list, tick mark it and click Apply & OK


NOTE : It should keep running in background else u server hostname will not work.

make it as system service (should start on each PC boot)


ever tried

I've found it better than Dynhost..!

Any problems ??? post it here ...........  Your Comments are Most valuable ...!

Improvized by Brain


Jumps Counter Strike 2009 Bunnyhop,de_cbble,de_nuke,awp guide,long jump,bug

By:Vimalesh Narayan


Here are the Best of All Jumps that you can learn ..

Read on...


Strafing in a series is called bunnyhop.
It is good to escape from some situations.
Here you go, It is all about good timing and practise


This jump is done on de_cbble and will have good advantage.


with this thing you can jump from any height without loosing any health ;)


With this you can jump much far than normal jump


This jump has a good advantage if you are on T side


This jump is very usefull, a single player can clear all outer of de_nuke


This is the best guide for AWP by SK | Vilden

He is best AWPer in world

And for your HP's sake...if u respect the weapons say it AWP not mag

Thanks .... Now you see..... u've lot to learn ...!


Counter Strike 2009 Lag,LOSS,Choke Problems Solved

By:Vimalesh Narayan
Counter Strike 2009 Lag,LOSS,Choke Problems Solved !

What is Tickrate?
Valve explains Tickrate as: "During each tick, the server processes incoming user commands, runs a physical simulation step, checks the game rules, and updates all object states. After simulating a tick, the server decides if any client needs a world update and takes a snapshot of the current world state if necessary. A higher tickrate increases the simulation precision, but also requires more CPU power and available bandwidth on both server and client." DONT CONFUSE IT WITH sys_ticrate 

What is use of good tickrate ?
Sometimes you may have heard players saying that their bullets dont register or they are framing.Sometimes you may shoot some players behind a player & still able to hit him a headshot.This all happens if u have low ticrate server.

What is tickrate of my server ?
When your server is running, type "sv_maxupdaterate" in console, it will tell you the tickrate of your server.
Commonly used tickrates are 30 or 60 or 101 but it can lie anywhere between 20-100

You must be thinking that if 101 ticrate server gives better performance why doont everyone run 101 tickrate server
Answer is running server on high tickrate costs more resources & bandwidth on both server & client sides

When play on a 30 tickrate server, type 'net_graph 3' in console.
Click Here 
As you can see that 6.50 k/s is the bandwidth being used
on a 101 tickrate server bandwidth usage will be much more
Dont waste your time running a server if you dont have adequate bandwidth
To run a good server with 101 tickrate you need 1Mbits/s upload and download bandwidth

How to set tickrate of your server ?
Open you server's cstrike\server.cfg

For 101 Tickrate---
Change these values
sv_minupdaterate 10
sv_minupdaterate 101
sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 25000
fps_max 101
sys_ticrate 250

For 60 Tickrate---
Change these values
sv_minupdaterate 10
sv_minupdaterate 60
sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 12000
fps_max 101
sys_ticrate 250

For 30 Tickrate---
Change these values
sv_minupdaterate 10
sv_minupdaterate 30
sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 7000
fps_max 101
sys_ticrate 250

A simple advice is that you must not install HL Booster.It just screws up server.

We did some research on it and found that it only controls sys_ticrate value in realtime
so if u put sys_ticrate 250 your server will run very fine
If you increase this value above 250 you wont see any effect on Internet but on LAN it will.

NOTE:Achieving 101 tickrate on a server is not possible without Pingboosting. Ping boosting is done on server side
But it can be done only on Linux not on windows.

Where can i change tickrate of server?
Server's Tickrate cant be changed via RCON or any other tool
You need to have access to server console

That was a explanation for Host or Server

Now comes Client or Player

If u play on a 101 tickrate server with settings those of 30 tickrate you wont see any difference
You should always play on these settings...these should be put in config.cfg of your game
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 101
rate 25000
cl_interp 0.1
fps_max 101

If u get choke even if you are using these settings, then it is possible that server is running on low tickrate
Try lowering your cl_updaterate to 60 & see if choke is decreased
Do same untill you have 0 choke
That was how to solve choke problem

If u have loss problem,that means there is some packet loss between you and server
This indicate some network connection problem either with your connection or server's

If you are only one who gets loss, it is problem with your connection

I Hope it solves your lag problem to certain extent.





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