Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu Sneeze Game Online and Counter Strike Online

By:Vimalesh Narayan

As Swine Flu is becoming more n more ... pandemic type...Its time to Play against it ...

Lets see how you do it..

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Friday, May 1, 2009

counter strike hacks,downloads,aimbot,cd key,cheats

By:Vimalesh Narayan

Counter Strike hacks,downloads,aimbot,cd key,cheats

HI Guys...

Once again this Guide will give you Latest and Best Counter strike hacks .... in no time..!

So Lets Get Started...!

But before i give you all those important Hacks,Cheats,antic VAC codes, let me tell you my experience.. a very True Experience..!

Today it was a normal day ... like it used to be ... and I opened up my laptop and started playing counter strike but as the day passes by i got fairly angry with my self ... Do you know why ...? Because i was having the lowest score on the score chart....!

So ... to get on top in shortest possible time i started googleing Counters strike latest hacks and Cheats .... Fortunatly i found one.... i was really happy...

Now various thoughts flashed before my

I would knife every One in no time

I would get all the headshots....

People will be amazed by my proness ...

So I just Downloaded the all those programs from here

(Let me tell you one more thing... the PC on which i used to play counter strike contained all my valuable data gathered over several years of hardwork ...)

Now that Hack is being Downloaded ... and i was ready  to frighten ppl on several servers...

I opened the hack file using WinZip and i extracted all the contents on my desktop..

and found some winzix file which is to opened using special software... so i feel thats not a problem ... and i Moved ahead and Opened the webpage on which that winzix software was located..

The Moment i I opened that webpage ....


Hackers are Lame creatures

Thank to NOD32 ... it saved me from such a grave mis happening..

I realised just to make ppl on server Amazed or try to piss them off... we download such sad hacks and every time we execute them

  • We risk our Valuable data .... 
  • We risk our Credibilty...
  • We expose our PC to outside bad world ... crackers,hackers,Trojans,virus,hidden malware...
  • We get black listed in Internet Crime Control Authorities ... and they own all sorts of rights to sue you at any time ... They start tracking your Computer too..!

and Then We complain that ...

  • PC is running too slow ...
  • Game is Laggin...

So Hackers get a life and Dont be an animal ... 

Q:You may ask ... then why do they release such hacks and cheats...?

Ans: For the simple reason that they want your computer to be included in their BOT NET list

BOT NET is nothing but the network of computers which can be controlled by hackers and Other bad  guys ... so that if federal agencies are to caught them ... they will catch you and blame you for all the losses that are being made from your PC to others System...and so on...!

Q: I've downloaded the hack ... what should i do now ..?

Ans: You would notice that most of the hacks are in .exe file .... and those .exe file is definate to have viruses and trojans trapped inside ... everytime you run them you invite hackers to gain more easy access to your PC and valuable documents...and pictures... which they may use against you as well..!

If it not .exe file than it is abousolutely something which you have absolutrly no idea about it...So better delete the file straight away ... and dont look back..!

I Hope this should have Opened your Eyes... Wide..!

But just in case if you are still not convinced ...

Download this latest Hack,Cheat for Counter Strike

and Get your PC infected with all sorts of Viruses,Trojans,Malwares, ...

Keep trying till your Computer becomes a BOT for the bad world..!

You have to be really noob if you still dont understand the point ....dontsearching

Remember EveryTime You Hack... You are Ligible to be called as Criminal


Stop hacking ... Start playing...!

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