Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Play Counter strike online Game

By:Vimalesh Narayan
Play Counter strike online with all that Hype and search demand. Below is some information about the Counter strike online version .....

These are the Three Videos release named as Counter Strike Online Play

Counter Strike online Game Play


Counter Strike online Promo

I know you would say "I've already watched this one specific video"
Actually its the trailer and The Counter Strike Online Making video is as follows:

Counter Strike online in Making

Dont feel disappointed you'll get the first hand info about any new versions and updates on this blog online .So keep watching and keep Playing Counter Strike Online.

Just in case you wanna know more about Counter Strike Online:

There are 8 new weapons available in Counter-Strike Online, in addition to the "classic" weapons featured in the original Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

* XM1014 - 12 gauge, semi-automatic combat shotgun
* USAS-12 - A Terrorist shotgun capable of full-auto fire and feeds from a 20-round drum magazine.
* K1A - A Counter-Terrorist Sub-Machine Gun. This is actually a compact counterpart of the Daewoo K2 assault rifle. Feeds from a 30-round box magazine.
* MP7A1 - A compact sub-machine gun firing armor-piercing ammunition. Feeds from a 20-round box mag.
* FN SCAR - A Counter-Terrorist assault rifle with a mag size of 30 rounds.
* XM8 - A Terrorist assault rifle with a mag size of 30 rounds.
* VSK-94 - A Counter-Terrorist DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) with a mag size of 20 rounds.
* SVD Sniper Rifle - A Terrorist DMR with a mag size of 10 rounds.
* QBB-95 - A Counter-Terrorist Machine gun. MG version of the Chinese QBZ-95 assault rifle. Feeds from a 70-round drum mag.

Some of these rifles also feature a "barrel change" system. When the player carries one of these rifles, it appears that the player is carrying two primary weapons (normally one). When the other configuration is selected, the player is shown that he is changing the barrel, and turn the assault rifle into a semi-automatic DMR and vice versa.

There are 8 new player models available in Counter-Strike Online.

* Terrorists
* Phoenix Connexion
* Elite Crew
* Arctic Avengers
* Guerilla Warfare
* Midwest Militia
* Red Beret Condittiere
* Asia Red Army
* National Liberation Campaign
* Vigilante Corps

* Counter-Terrorists
* SEAL Team 6
* GSG-9
* South Korean 707
* Taiwanese Police special forces(SOZO)
* Chinese Devil Squad(Magui)
* Japaneses SAT

Truth is its justs like Condition Zero but with imporved skins and Play in Counter strike online.

Friday, September 18, 2009

STEAM validation rejected

By:Vimalesh Narayan
steam validation rejected image
STEAM validation rejected Counter-Strike: Condition Zero:Counter Strike Source.

Many Times we happen to encounter this STEAM validation rejected error message which is very annoying so here i am trying to provide the best possible solutions known to me.

steam validation rejected image

Possible Solutions for STEAM validation rejected Counter-Strike: Source: Condition Zero:

1. Something messed up the Steam App ID so change it accordingly.
Change the App ID as the application ID's have changed with the protocol 48 update:

a)Go to the mod folder within your HLDS installation,
b)Create a text file steam_appid.txt.
c)Inside the text file, punch in the number for the new Steam application ID. Just a number. Nothing else.

List of new app ID's

Half-Life Deathmatch and GoldSrc 3rd Party Mods (valve, ns, svencoop, and others): 70
Counter-Strike 1.6 (cstrike): 10
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (czero): 80
Day of Defeat 1.3 (dod): 30
Deathmatch Classic (dmc): 40
Opposing Force Deathmatch (gearbox): 50
Ricochet (ricochet): 60
Team Fortress Classic (tfc): 20

2.IF you are using a patch to correct this error and doesnot own the game legally you must get the Original Game first first and then Update it (Best legal Solution so far for STEAM validation rejected error). and please dont expect to give you some patch to stop the error as it deals with the login validation details.

3.IN Mod folder try changing file name ClientRegistry.Blob to ClientRegistryOld.blob.

4. Have you tried changing the value of " sv_lan 0 " to "sv_lan 1" in console... ? if not try it..  :-)

Hope this should have resolved your problem. Any comments ? Team





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