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How to You can become the Best in Counter Strike 1.6 !

By:Vimalesh Narayan
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How to be the Best in Counter Strike 1.6 !

First Thing first:

  • Buy Original Steam Counter Strike because unless you dont play with top players in your game you will not learn anything new and top players in the world always play on genuine servers because it gives them no lag , stable play and real feeling of being a true cs 1.6 player. More over Steam Counter Strike doesn't cost too much only $10 i thinks its pretty much affordable.
  • Get a gaming mouse (i use RazerCopperHead, adjust mouse settings as well)
  • Get a good set of headphones (use at least 5.1 Channel Razer Gaming headset)
  • Never ever use HACKS/HACK SCRIPTS , because that is only going to harm your skills.
  • By a study it is being found out that you aim better using left hand , no-no i dont me you have to hold mouse in left hand  but hand remaining right while in game just press H key on keyboard and change hand to left in the options so given . :P 

Blind fold Practice in CounterStrike 1.6 (practice against bots )

This is no joke for serious gamers...Like you !

for two main reasons.....i would recommend you this excercise:

  • Your ear reflexs will become more sharp...and hence your Headshots.
  • You Eyes will not be harmed while u dont stare the screen continuesly.

CS1.6 Players should :

  • Play slow and steady, Use fast analytical thinking while you make decisions(rushing is not the best solution,most of the times)
  • Point your CrossHair at the enemy's head rather than Body/Chest.
  • Stay calm while you shoot (Dont spray bullets here and there).
  • Mug up/Remember the distance(or height of your gun from ground, coz every character in CounterStrike 1.6 has same height and once you get the best idea of head placement, which most of the tiimes remains constant) you will get the head shot without much difficulty.
  • Always shoot M4a1 or AK47 close to left ear of enemy and it will get you stright HeadShot because the recoil impact of these guns is from left to right (diagonally).
  • Walk/Run as random as possible and avoid walking/running predetermined paths.
  • Avoid camping on predetermined places.
  • -|- <----- this is a green crosshair , point the top most(North) section of crosshair near your enemy's left ear and fire shots briefly2-3, Doesnt matter how far he will get this practicing more
  • Last but not he least .....practice as much as you can... :-)

More come to on this ..... Team



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