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How to Configure PORT FORWARDING your MODEM/ROUTER for CS1.6 Server !

By:Vimalesh Narayan
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*updated on 2nd April 2009
Remember : All the Modems/Routers are manufactured on the principles of Computer Networking....hence they should allow every authentic user to have no problems in inbound/outbound packet transferring capabilities......It s always us who are not able to configure it properly...
There is very slight to no difference in configuring any explained here..
Please use your common sense while you configure modem/router webpage (explore each and every tab of Modem/Router page and get as much information about it as you can).
It is equally essential to configure your modem to let outside data packets to interact with your Already running Counter Strike 1.6 Server.

If you notice that Your serever is not listed in the Server List Display inside you game.
This is where you need to think that your Modem may not be rightly counfigured for outside data acceptance.

Note:It really doesnt matter much which modem you have....most of the default settings work just fine (nowadays most of the ADSL2+ Modems are autoport forwarding).
Please Watch this High Qwality Video by Clicking HERE
Or Follow the Steps below to get started...
CounterStrike 1.6 Server Port Forwarding Router/Modem Configuration
Airtel Beetle 220BX (not Beetle 220BXI)
  1. Open your browser (preferably Opera or Firefox). Type the address which is provided below in the address bar of your browser.Open your browser (preferably Opera or Firefox). Type the address which is provided below in the address bar of your browser. (This link takes you to advanced option menu.)

    Do not enter as this will take you to basic options menu and you will not be able to enter advanced setup from here.
  2. When enter the above address you will be asked username and password, the default username and password is given below.
    (for Beetle 220BX/BXI model)
    username: admin

    Password: password

    If you are not able to enter the modem’s configuration page using the above password you can call the airtel customer care regarding that.

  3. Now click the Advance Setup button on the left sidebar of the screen.
  4. Now click the NAT button on the left sidebar of the screen
  5. Click the Add button in the screen which you get after doing the above step.
  6. In the Add port screen you have to enter the following data:

    a. Select Service: Do not enter anything here.

    b. Custom Service: Enter a description for your port. (For Identification Purpose)

    c. Server IP Address: Usually (Your Lan’s IP Address)

    In the table which is after these fields fill the following data in the respective columns:
    d. External Port Start: Enter the port number which you would like to forward e.External Port End: Enter the port number which you entered in the first column.

    For example if you want to ports 42963 to 42968 then you have to fill the start number as 42963 and ending number as 42968
  7. Protocol: Make sure that it is set to TCP/UDP
  8. Internal Port Start and End: Do not enter anything here.
  9. portforwarded ports will be listed at this point.
  10. In the final step you should save and reboot the modem as shown in the screenshot below.
That’s all now your ports are successfully portforwarded.

Now to find your External Ip go to or try
and now give that ip in this format to your freind so that he can connect to your server
where is the external ip shown by
27015 is default port on which u r server is running
Thats All Folks..nJoy !

Please feel free to comment on this... Team


Ishara Abeysekera said...

after doing these steps what is my IP address, which want to give my friends to find my server?

Vimalesh Narayan said...

Hey read the last few linesof the article for your Solution...!

Anonymous said...

Download and install the Server

and ask u r friends to connect to your server..!

look at bottom of this page for u r external ip..give that ip to u r friend and nJoy !

Rocker!! said...

Hey neel

I hv the new upgraded firmware for beetel 220bx

Can u plzz tell how to port forward in tht

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