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How To Protect Counter Strike Server !

By:Vimalesh Narayan
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How To Protect Counter Strike 1.6 Server !

Recently my CounterStrike 1.6 Server got DOS attacked by some bad guys....

but thanks to Anti CSDOS and ICMP disabled my server remained unharmed..

Note: It is your right to protect your server at all/any cost.

So How Did I Protect my counterStrike 1.6 Server from praying eyes...

3 Steps to secure Counter Strike 1.6 Server:

  • Download AntiCSDOS  and run it .

  • If you have AMX MODX installed then Never install WebMod Plugin as it is very easily exploitable and an attacker can gain access to your PC files , avoid it at any cost because its patch will not be released in near future.
  • Disable ICMP request by registry editing (be VERY CAUTIOUS while you edit registry).


Go to Start --->Run --->Type "regedit" --->Hit enter/return on keyboard ---> open(in order)


Method to take Registry Backup of  ICMP value

Click "File" (top left of registry window) ---> Select "Export" ---> in Export Registry Window , slect to save it on Desktop ---> give any name to file , i choose "ICMP_ENABLED" for "File name:" option ---> Click Save button --->See if new file appears on Desktop (Donot close Registry window at this point).

Now we may safely proceed to Disable ICMP Requests

Method to Disable ICMP Request:

with this path opened in registry


highlight "Parameters" by single click on it --->now look at the right side of window --->Find "EnableICMPRedirect" option , its a DWORD value, change its value from 1 to 0 (zero).

---->Close the Registry window ----> Reboot your Computer for the changes to take effect.

Hope this should solve your CounteStrike 1.6 DOS attack problems to certain extent but the truth is that the DOS or DDOS attacks are considered to be the most dangerous attacks which are capable enough to bring any system down.... but definately thier effects can be minimized to very low level.

Thanks ! 

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groping world said...

seems intresting,anyway ill try.thx for the post :D

hameed said...

is it enough to just run the anti csdos attack ?

Vimal said...

Anti CSDOS is not the perfect antidote for DOS attack , as itself is slightly buggy ... so you should follow the whole article as instructed ..! :)

pavel said...

Whew done very very nice

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