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Static IP for your Counter Strike 2009 Server

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Static IP (Hostname) for your Counter Strike 2009 Server

Tired of giving IP to your friends all the time.If yes there is a thing that can be done

If u ask static IP from your ISP,it will costyou

but the trick explained here gives you free hostname (subdoamin name) is free

and it is easy to remember it than static IP.

What are we trying to do .. ?

We are trying you to make your server's ip into domain name.


  • can be any ip (taken here as an example)
  • is hostname (this is sub domain name....What is Domain name?)

you must have seen server's to which you can connect throught a hostname like

We can use any free sub domain ip service like


1) Go to

2) Make an account there & login using that.

3) After you have logged in go to this link

4) Type the hostname you want & then select domain from drop-down menu
5) Tick on "Create Wildcard alias.."
6) Select Service type as "Host with IP address"
7) In IP Address dont type thing but click on "Use auto detected...."
8) Your current IP will be filled automatically.
9) Then click Create Host
10) It will show you bill but dont worry :P , that is $0 so its free & safe, CLICK NEXT
11) Then Click Activate Services and your hostname is ready to use
12) Now you have to download a software which will update that hostname to your IP each time your IP changes
13) If you use windows go here
14) Download it and install, Just keep on clicking next, when it ask whether to install it 
  as Service, tick mark "Install the Dyndns...."
15) After installing it will launch and ask your username/password
16) Type the username\password & click OK
17) You will see your hostname in that list, tick mark it and click Apply & OK


NOTE : It should keep running in background else u server hostname will not work.

make it as system service (should start on each PC boot)


ever tried

I've found it better than Dynhost..!

Any problems ??? post it here ...........  Your Comments are Most valuable ...!

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