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Counter Strike 1.8 2011 Goiceasoft Download Counter Strike baixar

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Counter Strike 1.8 2011 Goiceasoft 
Just have a Look at this guys.... Read On..!
Counter-Strike (CS) is one of the most popular games in the world.
Its multiplayer mode offers the entire staff action in a virtual environment. There are two teams (terrorists and anti-terrorist), each with arms and different goals, each of which has specific abilities should be fully to impose any challenge to the enemy team.

Rescuing hostages or placing bombs in key locations, or only counter-attacking the enemy, Counter-Strike promises hours of entertainment online.
Counter-Strike is one of the major responsible for the popularization of network games and LAN Houses across the planet, coming to be regarded as an electronic sport.
In this new version 1.8 launched by © Goiceasoft Studios, he brings some changes, but continues with the same general features of version 1.6, can add maps, weapons etc.. Besides you can play online on servers available. There are almost 300 maps of much action and adrenaline. In CS 1.8 have been modified weapons and characters, and improved graphics. The whole game is working perfectly. If you’d rather not play online can add boots. The game has a simple interface and quick to install. Have fun!

Minimum Requirements

Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz or equivalent Athlon
RAM: 256 MB of memory
Video: 64 MB
DirectX: 9.0c
Disk space: 1 GB free disk
Operating System: XP / Vista
CD-ROM: 24x

Recommended Requirements

Processor: Pentium IV, AMD
RAM: 512 MB of memory
Video: 128 MB
DirectX: 9.0c
Other: Sound Card compatible with Windows
Operating System: XP / Vista
CD-ROM: 24x

Video Watch
(I dont know if its true.. but just watch 

 Download Counter Strike 1.8

Part 1 Team


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much I need it

Vimalesh Narayan said...

You Are Welcome...!

My Community said...

how to play offline and make a bot please teach me

shubham rai said...

go to the game (new cs 1.8 goicea soft) when joined press H ..... then the menu comes and make the bots quota to whaever u want ... ENJOY !!!!

onlyforyou geni said...

pls give me a Cd Key for Counter Strike 1.8 ???

asd said...

Can you give me 1 ip adress of 1 server for online

asd said...

Goiceasoft Studios onlyforyou gen this is Cd key hope you will enyoj the game like me

Md-Mamunur Rashid Nahid said...

Hey! Only4U. I wanna give you its serial key


Don't forget to mail me at

Taothing Muinao said...

game not launching in windows 7, authentication error, where to insert cd key...?

Taothing Muinao said...

Invalid authentication certificate length

Norbert said...

it is an new counter strike ?

bilal Shaikh said...

asking for installation pasword....What is the pasword..????

Sunny Khan said...

Counter Strike 1.8 PC is the best game.

fritzie cubillan said...

how to have an enemy in counter strike 1.8?

ansar malik said...

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ansar malik said...

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