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Counter Strike Skins

By:Vimalesh Narayan
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Counter Strike  Skins, Weapons, Players, Models CS 1.6

Wine Bottle 
HoT Chick 
                                                                                                                   Counter strike skins image

counter strike skins

Are you bored of default cs 1.6 skins ? Those weapons & players,do you want them to look better & different for better counter strike look?
If yes then you have come at right place.

Both Pics Looks cool ? Read it on

So What exactly we are trying to do ....?

We  are changing the default looks of weapon (M4A1 in this case) called as Counter Strike Skins change.
  • Left Corner Pic is by default skin of m4a1.
  • Right Corner Pic is modified skin of m4a1.
This is called Counter strike Skins change .
Similarly we can change the skin of  other Weapons, and player models ....too.

                                       For WEAPONS SKINS

1) When you download Counter strike skins package ,you will get a .zip or .rar file
2) you need winrar to extract it. get it here
3) After you extract it. If u get a folders like cstrike\models\xxxxx.mdl
  Copy those .mdl files and paste in "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\steam_username\counter-strike\cstrike\models\"
4) If you just get .mdl files then do same
  where C is partition where steam is installed and 'Steam_username' is your steamID
  Press Yes to All when it ask to replace
5) If u are using non steam
  Then you should paste .mdl files in "C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike\models\" & replace existing one's

                                  For Counter Strike skins PLAYER SKINS ( MODELS)

1) Extract the .zip or .rar file
2) Either you will get a folders like cstrike\models\player\leet\leet.mdl
3) Or just leet.mdl (leet.mdl is just example,it can be guerilla.mdl depending on what type of skin it is)
4) copy/paste that .mdl file as in case of installing weapons skins but paste it in cstrike\models\player\\
  For eg. if the skins file you get is guerilla.mdl , paste it in cstrike\models\player\guerilla\
5) There is no step 5 this time :P , start game and enjoy

Keep on vising for new and  better counter strike skins :)

                                                   Counter Strike Skins Weapons

Counter strike skins pic Team


AZWANTED said...

so you basically just replace the cs:cz model with cs:1.6 default model?
That's it?

I can make it less than 5 minutes and no download required.


Norbert said...

it looks better

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